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Rapanofal™ (propofol) is an anesthetic injection for use in dogs and cats.

Full Prescribing Information (Package Insert)


When using Rapanofal™ injection, patients should be continuously monitored and facilities for the maintenance of a patent airway, artificial ventilation, and oxygen supplementation must be immediately available. The clinical use of propofol without available supplemental oxygen and artificial ventilation has not been adequately evaluated and is not recommended.

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5 vials
Rapanofal Vial
Product Information
Case Quantity: 18 packs
Package Insert: Rapanofal™ (propofol injectable emulsion) Anesthetic Injection
Safety Data Sheet (SDS): Download PDF
Storage: Store between 4 – 25°C (40-77°F). Do not freeze. Shake well before use. Discard opened vial with care. Within 6 hours after opening, any withdrawn unused product should be discarded safely

For product questions or to report suspected adverse drug events,
call 1-888-621-0189.

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